Create a superior value for our customers and, providing better service in marketing our products and providing innovate solutions for steel through our philosophy of “ÚniKa Experience”.


> Responsibility
> Passion
> Perseverance
> Adaptability
> Discipline
> Integrity

Vision for 2020

Be a leader in service and the marketing of steel in the Northwest and Central Mexico, achieving total satisfaction for our customers and colleagues.
> Have 50 profitable stores operating in 12 states in Mexico.
> Operate with agil, innovative and effective processes and systems.
> Develop and consolidate the business of fabrication and other integral services for steel.
> Optimize the logistics for distribution in accordance with planned growth.
> Develop and consolidate the “ÚniKa Experience” philosophy.
> Maintain our place among the best companies to work for in Mexico.
> Increase the well-being and quality of life for our staff by supporting them.
> Integrate and maintain a team of competent, notivated and commited staff.
> Be a socially responsible company.
> Create and build the structure and platform needed to successfully develop the marketing of steel and accessories by Internet.

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